Registration Checklist - Consultants

This checklist was developed by the Office of the Integrity Commissioner to assist consultant lobbyists in Ontario to complete or renew a lobbyist registration form under the Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998.

When Completing the Registration Ask Yourself:

 □   Is your contact information up-to-date?  If amendments are needed, login and select ‘Make changes to my profile’.

 □   Were you, at any time, a Cabinet minister, a deputy minister, an associate/assistant deputy minister, a member of a minister’s staff or held certain positions at identified agencies of the government?  Select all that apply.  Even if you were not, be sure to select ‘None of the above’.

 □   Have you included the client’s contact information and a description of the client’s business or activities?  If renewing your registration, is this information accurate and up-to-date?

 □   Have you included the date that I commenced the undertaking to lobby?

 □   If another lobbying firm has retained you to lobby on its client’s behalf, did you include the name and business address of this firm?

 □   If your client is a corporation, does it have a parent company?  Does it have any subsidiaries that have a direct interest in the outcome of the lobbying activities?

 □   If your client is an organization, have you included the business name and address of each partnership, corporation or entity that is part of the organization?

 □   Have you included the business name and address of a third party that controls or directs your client’s activities and has a direct interest in the outcome of your lobbying activities and/or any other person, partnership or organization that has a direct interest in the outcome of your lobbying activities?

 □   Have you listed the business name and address of any other entity or organization that has contributed $750 or more towards the company’s lobbying efforts?

 □   Have you included the ministry/agency name and the amount of any government funding received by the client (from any level of government – federal, provincial, and municipal) in that government’s previous fiscal year?  If renewing your registration, be sure to check that this funding information is up-to-date - does it still apply or has it been renewed at a new amount?  Is there new government funding information to disclose?

 □   Is your client a broader public sector organization under the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010?  If so, an attestation is required to be signed by the head of your client’s organization. A newly signed attestation is required at each annual renewal period.

 □   Have you selected the subject matter or areas of concern of the lobbying activities?  If you are renewing your registration, has it changed?

 □   Have you clearly indicated what I am lobbying for? What are my lobbying goals? If you are renewing your registration, have the lobbying goals changed?  Have there been any developments to the legislative proposal?  Has the Bill passed?  Has there been any progress made on the policies/programs?  Was the funding obtained?  Be sure lobbying activities are up-to-date and accurate.

 □   Have you selected the MPPs, ministers’ offices, ministries or agencies with whom you will be communicating?  If renewing the registration, will you be communicating with any new MPPs, ministers’ offices, ministries or agencies?

 □   Have you selected the communication techniques used when interacting with the Ontario government?  If you are renewing your registration, will you be using any different communication techniques?


For information about compliance requirements, please see the Compliance Checklist – Consultant Lobbyists.