Twitter Policy

The Office of the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario (OIC) is an independent officer of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario with several mandates in the areas of conflict of interest, accountability and integrity in Ontario’s public sector. 

The OIC’s official Twitter account is @ON_Integrity, which it uses as a tool to communicate to Ontarians and others interested in the Office’s mandates.


The OIC will do its best to deliver tweets that are relevant to those interested in its mandates and related issues, in a direct and engaging voice.

Content includes (but is not limited to):

Information, quotes, photos or videos related to OIC mandates and activities.

Links to news releases, reports, newsletters, presentations, and other approved, publicly available OIC material.

Links to relevant information produced and published elsewhere (media outlets, other commissioners, researchers, and others). This can include videos, blog posts and tweets that are repeated from other Twitter users (“retweets”).

Twitter as a source of official policy

Tweets and retweets should not be considered in any way binding or as an authoritative source of law, policy or guidance from the OIC. Further, the decision of the OIC to tweet or retweet should not be taken as an endorsement of any kind.

Any expression of the OIC’s official position will be communicated through traditional channels such as official publications, statements to the media and the OIC’s website –


Following a particular Twitter user does not imply endorsement of any kind. The OIC follows accounts on Twitter that it believes may be relevant to its mandates.


Similarly, the appearance of a Twitter user as a follower of the OIC account does not imply endorsement of any kind.

The OIC will take steps to remove or block a follower who tweets offensive material.


The OIC commits to updating and monitoring its Twitter account during regular office hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., EST, Monday to Friday.

@Replies and Direct Messages

The OIC will respond to @replies and direct messages in their language of origin, where possible.

Inquiries, Complaints & Disclosures

Inquiries, complaints or disclosures will not be accepted via Twitter. Please contact us by telephone or email to make an inquiry or submit a complaint or disclosure.

Media Requests

Please follow traditional contact channels to make a media request or seek additional information from our Office.

If you have questions about this policy, please send an email to