Ministers' Staff

The Integrity Commissioner promotes ethical conduct by answering questions about the application of conflict of interest rules that apply to ministers’ staff. The Office determines whether a conflict of interest exists and provides direction. Ministers’ staff may make an inquiry to the Integrity Commissioner regarding their day to day work activities and their personal and/or financial interests while employed by a ministry and during their post-employment period.

The Conflict of Interest Rules can be found in O. Reg. 382/07, and in sections 66 to 69 of the Public Service of Ontario Act, 2006. The Act appoints the Integrity Commissioner as the Ethics Executive for people in this group. Sections 94 to 98 of the Act provide for the political activity rules for public servants who work in Ministers’ offices.

Ministers’ staff who have a question about their ethical obligations can send an email to

Can Ministers' Staff take part in political activity?

Read the Guidance on Political Activity.

Financial Declaration

Ministers' staff who routinely work on matters involving the private sector may be required to submit a financial declaration. The form can be found below.

Financial Declaration Form

Ministers' Staff

Sample Inquiries

Read examples of inquiries received by the Integrity Commissioner from ministers’ staff and the advice or direction provided in response.