The Office of the Integrity Commissioner was created in 1988 to provide confidential conflict of interest advice to Members of Provincial Parliament. Learn more about the Members’ Integrity Act, 1994.


All MPPs are required to submit a Statement of Gifts and Benefits to the Integrity Commissioner within 30 days of receiving a gift. The rules are outlined in section 6 of the Act. Guidance on the gift rule and the gift form are available here.

MPP Complaints

Under section 30 of the Act, one MPP can file a complaint about the actions of another. The Commissioner does not have jurisdiction to receive complaints about an MPP from the public. Learn more about the procedure for an MPP to file a complaint.

Letters of Reference

Members are often asked to write letters of reference on behalf of constituents. The Commissioner offers these guidelines for MPPs.

Canadian Conflict of Interest Network

The Office is a member of the Canadian Conflict of Interest Network. Browse the links to other member offices.