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Submission Cover Sheets

Cover sheets provide a summary of the submission for each reporting group (senior management, appointees and top five employees) to be sent to the Integrity Commissioner for review.

Each expense claim or report will be issued a unique ID number by the Office on the cover sheets. The ID numbers are used in the case of a request for information or if there is feedback/repayment on the results. The expenses for each group should be submitted together as a batch with one cover sheet. The Expenses Officer must sign the cover sheet in order to attest that all the expense documentation is attached and accurate.

Examples of completed cover sheets

Useful Links

Hotel rates for government employees: Federal Accommodation Directory

Meal rates for travel outside of Canada: National Joint Council Directive (See Appendices C and D)

Additional Agency Resources

Additional resources about compliance with the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive are available on InsideOPS. Please contact your ministry liaison or Treasury Board Secretariat to get access to this intranet site.