Ministers and Opposition Leaders Expenses

The Integrity Commissioner reviews the expenses of cabinet ministers, parliamentary assistants, Opposition leaders and their respective staff members to ensure prudent spending and accountability. This role is set out in the Cabinet Ministers' and Opposition Leaders’ Expenses Review and Accountability Act, 2002.

The focus of the review is on travel, meal and hospitality expenses incurred in the performance of Ministerial duties. The expenses are reviewed to ensure compliance with the Allowable Expense Rules. The Commissioner can require unallowable expenses to be reimbursed.

The Commissioner may, upon request, provide advice about whether an expense is allowable before it is incurred. Requests for advice should be in writing and sent to

The Commissioner files a yearly report with the Speaker about the review of expenses for cabinet ministers, parliamentary assistants, opposition leaders and their respective staff members during the previous fiscal year.

Other expenses, including those related to the regular business of Members of Provincial Parliament, caucus or operation of constituency offices, are not reviewed by the Commissioner.