Submitting Expenses for Review

Who submits expenses for review and when?

Expenses for each of the following groups should be submitted by the Expenses Officer 60 days after the end of each reporting period:

Reporting Group Expenses Officer Reporting Period
Appointees Chair of the board Quarterly
Senior Management Employees who report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (or equivalent) Chief Executive Officer or equivalent Quarterly
Five employees (Top 5) with the highest cumulative expenses in a six-month period Chief Executive Officer or equivalent Semi-annually

What expenses are included?

All expenses that are subject to the Ontario Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive, as well as any other expenses for which the employee or appointee has received a direct reimbursement must be included in the submission.

How should the submission be prepared?

The expense claims or reports for each reporting group should be submitted together as a batch with a separate cover sheet for each group. The Expenses Officer must sign the cover sheet in order to attest that all the expense documentation is attached and correct. The cover sheet is used by the Office to provide a unique ID number to each claim. This is used in the case of a request for information or if there is feedback/repayment on the results. Cover sheets and instructions for completing the cover sheets are available on our Forms and Resources page.

All submission packages should contain:

  1. A cover sheet signed by the Expenses Officer
  2. All centrally billed items such as airfare and accommodation related to the expense claims in the submission. These are items that were paid for directly by the agency. These items can be added to the expense report total, or may be listed separately, on the cover sheet.
  3. Any additional information that clarifies particular expenses. This information can be provided in one memo as long as each expense is clearly identified.

See below for tips on how to ensure a complete expense claim or report.

Where are the submissions sent?

By email (preferred method):

By mail:
Office of the Integrity Commissioner
2 Bloor Street West, Suite 2100, Toronto, Ontario M4W 3E2
(marked "Confidential")

Tips for ensuring complete expense reports

Providing all of the relevant documentation and explanations for each expense claim will help reduce the number of questions the Office needs to ask, and assist in making the process more efficient.

Each expense report or claim should contain copies of the following:

  • All required itemized receipts and supporting documentation for the expenses claimed
  • The business purpose of the expenses
  • Pre-approval authorization for travel
  • To/from information for mileage, taxis etc.
  • Information about flights or accommodation that was billed centrally (e.g. with a P-card)
  • Names and positions of all attendees for meals and hospitality
  • Reason for extending hospitality and an explanation of how it meets the criteria
  • If repayment of certain expenses has been made, include proof of repayment
  • If an exception to the Directive has been made for any of the expenses, include written justification
  • For all expenses that are not considered travel, meal or hospitality expenses, a statement is required that confirms that the expense has been incurred by an appointee or employee in the performance of a duty or function of the person that is related to the agency. This can be done as a general memo if there are certain items that are recurring on a frequent basis on expense reports (e.g. mobile phone bills, professional membership fees etc.)
  • Any additional notes that you feel may clarify or explain an expense